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Fibre Optic Lighting Installed By Electrician in Nottingham

Location: Lowdham - Nottingham

Fibre Optic Lighting Installed By Electrician in Nottingham

Bespoke Fibre Optic lighting installation for children's bedroom, installed by skilled Electricians in Lowdham Nottingham. The customers specification for this job lead us towards bespoke lighting, designed and installed by qualified electricians at JAN Electrical as the best route to complete the project.

To install the Fibre Optic lighting to emulate a starry night sky was no mean feat! Our skilled electrician had to drill 150 individual holes in the ceiling at a diameter of 1mm. Then from a small void, above the ceiling, mount the projector and feed 150 individual strands of fibre optic cabling through 150 1mm holes. This was completed while taking into consideration the differing lengths of the strands of cable.

When the switching was installed and the power restored, the result was a very impressive effect of a colour changing, star filled night sky.

The electrician also installed extra sockets in various locations in the room. This was to complement in-built television housing designed by the customer to maximize space in the room. Two energy efficient LED spot lights were also installed in the celling, to give the user the option of introducing a brighter light in the room if required.

All work was tested, certified and completed on time and within budget. If we can help you with bespoke lighting or any other electrical projects you are planning, our electricians in Nottingham at JAN Electrical will be able to help you find your ideal solution

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