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Consumer Unit Upgrade by skilled Electrician in Nottingham

Fuse Board - Electrician, Nottingham

Location: Woodthorpe - Nottingham

Consumer Unit Upgrade by skilled Electrician in Nottingham

Todays Job by our Electrician in Nottingham was a full overhaul and upgrade of the properties Consumer Unit or more commonly known as a Fuse Board. As you can see by the pictures from the job we had our work cut out for us! We were dealing with an installation that had been adapted and changed over the years, to accommodate the changing needs of the properties owners.

First things first, our skilled electricians proceeded to isolate the power to the installation and began identifying the various circuits that were in the original Fuse Board. We also identified various different additions for an extension that had been added to the property. Along with an outside supply, outside lighting, electrical shower supplies and additional sockets. After we had identified all the circuits from the different locations, we proceeded to dead-test the electrical installation and then recorded the results. Once we were satisfied with the results and condition for the wiring, we proceeded to fit the new Consumer Unit.

The Consumer unit fitted met with the new 2015 amendment 3 of BS7171:2008 (electrical wiring regulations) It was a full metal enclosure fire rated for 90 minutes containing two RCD devices. All cables were then neatly organized into the new board and wired into the appropriate circuit breakers using grommets and stuffing glands to maintain the fire proof integrity of the metal enclosure. The main tails cable to the metering equipment was also upgraded to meet current wiring regulations. The main earthing cable was also upgraded. This particular installation had existing earthing provided to the gas supply and water supply so after confirming this cabling during the testing process no further work was required.

Power was then restored to the installation and the live testing was subsequently completed. These results were then recorded along with the dead-testing results on an Electrical Installation Certificate and issued to the customer. This certificate was then later submitted to the Local Authority Building Control via Napit’s competent person scheme.

JAN Electrical Contractors are your local Electrician in Nottingham. We are specialists in Consumer Unit upgrades in Nottingham and the East Midlands. If your Fuse Board is starting to resemble any of our ‘before’ pictures, why not call us for some advice on upgrading and also for a free no obligation quote.

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